Kanagawa-Ken, Miura-Gun
Hayama-Machi, Horiuchi 815
Tel: +81 – 46-876-3077

(For emergencies or during holidays: call my cell phone: (in Japan) 090-4846-6985 any time. In the hope, my services are not required in the middle of the night …)

Basic treatment fee: 5000 Yen
Initial fee: 1000 Yen 
First visit = 6000 Yen
Special fees for low-income earners*

Low-income earner” – I would very much appreciate if people asking me for this special treatment could be honest about this, since I myself am a VERY low (critically) income earner.


Please feel free to ask me anything you are worried about or would like to know. I will try to answer any question to the best of my knowledge. Just send me an e-mail and I will get back to you.

Local references:

Frequently I am asked, if I can recommend physicians, hospitals etc. in the neighborhood. I will start to make a list of such references.

Sometimes I am asked to “introduce” therapist is some other parts of Japan. That unfortunately has proven to be very difficult. Often I do not even get an answer, when I ask the offices of local branches of acupuncture associations.

Articles/entries referred to on my old Home Page

… mostly included on page “Foreign Studies”, while the article “With all due deference” is found among the Posts.

Basic concepts

Western, “scientific” medicine has achieved magnificent results and saves countless lives. Yet, the wonders of science and technology do not necessarily provide the answers for everything.
Oriental medicine, referring in particular to acupuncture/moxibustion, is a traditional therapeutic modality and been in more or less continuous use for around 2,000 years. Personally I sometimes like to compare the contributions of acupuncture to the healing process of those conditions where it can be of use, with a reprogramming of a distorted body ‘program’, using the skin as an interface.
And – of course – there is no point in “discussing” which of these approaches is better/superior.
As an acupuncturist I do not heal or cure anything. I.e, I do not provide/introduce anything to/into the body, that is not already there in the first place. If my patients get well, this is because their bodies healed themselves – I just initialize, or maybe adjust, the process a little with the needles.

“I consider it my job to make sure, that patients do NOT NEED to see me …”

  • That means: I endeavor to use all the knowledge and means at my disposal to guide the patients to independence from medical care.
  • The body tries to heals itself, but sometimes needs some assistance.
  • People are largely responsible for their body (and health).
  • People can do much more themselves than usually thought; the DO-IT-YOURSELF concept.  
  • I try to help my patients to become (therapy) independent.
  • For this purpose, I often advice my patients to do some “homework”.