My name is Thomas and I am a native German.   
I spent more than half of my life, namely 37 years, in Japan and can by now look back on  +30 years of “clinical experience” as an acupuncturist here.  Since 1995 I do run my own VERY LITTLE acupuncture clinic. “Thomas’ Acupuncture CLinic” (in Hayama, ca. 50 km from Tokyo)                  Email:

***  MY Choice ***

As a therapist I am VERY reluctant to say this, but as a father of 4 children feel obliged to do so:
DO NOT help Trump supporters! I am not willing (and under no obligation) to help people who support someone,
who publicly declared his intention to kill my four children – as well as the future of my yet unborn grandchildren.
That is MY personal decision.