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“Extended interpretation” – treat the mountain(s)
For my friends who do not read Japanese, here the English version of a short note I posted under “Clinic” in Japanese.

This is basically not my job and I may even expect to get in trouble for it .. but I just could not leave it alone.
Near my house there are mountains “left to rot in hell”.
Already 2 m long, arm-thick dried branches have fallen down and damaged the car in front of the house at the foot of these slopes.
There are two small children in that household. What if those branches would have hit the children?

For those reasons I took it upon myself to go in there cut the vines choking the trees up there.
Working on a 200-m wide strip of mountain took me 3 days.
Hopefully that will postpone the death of the trees by 15-20 years. Maybe I can go in there again, before the trees die.
By that time I will be 75-80 years …

Among all the crazy ideas I have (and that constantly get me in trouble) is the concept, that an acpuncturist
should maybe not only try to make money by treating paying customers, but also CARE for his/her community in a little wider sense.
Well .. crazy. I know …

One of these days I will post a series of pictures on my blog to illustrate.
Here just one picture. The cut vine is as thick as a slender female leg!