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By: J. Eduardo Calonje, MD, DipRCPath

  • Director of Diagnostic Dermatopathology, Department of Dermato-Histopathology, St John's Institute of Dermatology, St Thomas' Hospital, London, UK

Learning more about individual plants deepens our understanding of the interconnections between people medicine plus cheap coversyl 4mg visa, plants alternative medicine buy 8 mg coversyl otc, and our environment medications errors discount coversyl 4 mg with mastercard. At the end of this activity there is a list of several books that are great sources of information regarding uses of plants medicinally and otherwise treatment diabetes proven coversyl 4 mg. They include additional facts about their growth requirements, native habitats, and history. Location: classroom and library at school Objectives: Learners will: 1) research medicinal plants commonly grown in Georgia. Skills: uses reference tools to answer questions, uses tools for collecting data, writes and uses instructions, researches for information, uses technology Concepts: Habitats, Interdependence, Life cycles Supplies: blank Amazing Medicinal Plant Card templates pencil or pen books on medicinal plants or internet access Subject: science Time: 2 hours (can be broken up into 30 minute or hour intervals) Instructors should emphasize that all medicines, including plant medicines, should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor. Learners should use resources in the classroom, at the library, or on the internet to complete the cards. They should include information on propagation or seed germination about their chosen plant. They should also be prepared to provide interesting facts or other mnemonic devices that can be used to help remember specific plant names and their healing properties. Information gathered by each group (or individual learner) should be shared and used to fill in cards. Each group (or individual learner) will then have a completed set of Amazing Medicinal Plant Cards containing all plants that were researched. Discussion/Assessment: When researching your plant, did you discover some interesting scientific information regarding the life cycle or structure of the plant? Digging Deeper: Learners can pick one plant to research further and present what they have learned to the class. Often there is interesting historical information to be discovered about a particular plant ­ its country of origin, its uses through time, the meaning of its name, etc. It should be observed at different growth stages and observations recorded in journal entries, and/or in charts and graphs. Part(s) of the plant used for medicine: Leaves, flowers and essential oil Preparation: Tea Interesting facts: loved by bees (Bee Balm is common name of Monarda didyma), common remedy of Native Americans German Chamomile Scientific name: Matricaria recutita Plant family: Asteraceae, Sunflower Family Place of origin: Europe and western Asia Description: An annual herb, 1. Medicinal use(s): For digestive disorders, tension, wounds, burns, asthma and hayfever Part(s) of plant used for medicine: Flowers Preparation: Infusion, inhalations, essential oil Interesting facts: Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) and German Chamomile are two different species of plants but are both known as Chamomile. Calendula Scientific Name: Calendula officinalis Plant family: Asteraceae, Sunflower Family Place of origin: Southern Europe Description: An annual herb, 2 ft. Medicinal use(s): Inflamed or minor wounds, skin rashes and sunburn Part(s) of the plant used for medicine: Flowers Preparation: Infusion, cream, ointment, tincture, infused oil Interesting facts: Calendula is one of the birth month flowers for October, and the flowers are edible. Lavender Scientific Name: Lavandula angustifolia Plant family: Lamiaceae, Mint Family Place of origin: Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Description: An evergreen shrub, about 4 feet tall, with blue-purple flowers. Medicinal use(s): Sedative, headaches, burns, bites, antiseptic Part(s) of the plant used for medicine: flowers, essential oil Preparation: infusion, infused oil, essential oil, Interesting facts: the name lavendar is derived from the Latin verb lavare, to wash. Other important non-native medicinal plants: feverfew, garlic, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, thyme 10 Pre Field Study Activity the Healing Power of Plants State Botanical Garden of Georgia Southeastern Native Medicinal Plants American Ginseng Scientific name: Panax quinquefolius Plant family: Araliaceae Place of origin: eastern North America Description: deciduous perennial growing to about 1 ft. America from Canada south to Georgia and Texas Description: Woody evergreen perennial with slow growth rate and potential of reaching 60 feet by 25 feet or more Uses: abortifacient, anthelminthic, antiseptic, aromatherapy, cancer, diaphoretic, diuretic, emmenagogue, rubefacient, stimulant, coughs, colds, general weakness, skin disorders and chest complaints * potentially toxic* Part used: fruit, leaves, young twigs, essential oil Preparation: fruit can be eaten raw or cooked, can be crushed and used as a flavoring in soups and stews, a tea is made from the fruit 11 Butterfly weed Scientific name: Asclepias tuberosa Plant family: Asclepidaceae Place of origin: North America, S. Ontario and New York to Minnesota, south to Florida and Colorado, most abundantly southward and southwestward Description: handsome, fleshy rooted, perennial plant, growing 1 to 1 1/2foot high and bearing corymbs of deep yellow and orange flowers in September Uses: common name of pleurisy root comes from its use by native Americans and settlers to treat pleurisy, which is inflammation of the membranes that line the chest and cover the lungs, may reduce the thickness of mucus and encourage coughing, therefore helped to relieve pleurisy and other respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, contains chemicals that may increase sweating, so it also may have helped to lower fever associated with infective diseases, antispasmodic, carminative, cathartic, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant, tonic, vasodilator, poultice *causes diarrhea and vomiting in large doses Part used: root, flowers, seed pods, shoots Preparation: poultice of dried roots used in the treatment of swellings, bruises, wounds, ulcers, lameness, tea Foam flower Scientific name: Tiarella cordifolia Plant family: Saxifragaceae Place of origin: Eastern North America, Nova Scotia to Ontario and Minnesota, south to Michigan, Georgia and Virginia Description: evergreen perennial growing to 6 inches by 1. Description: evergreen shrub growing to 18 feet, flowers from April to May,(flowers are dioecious - individual flowers are either male or female, only one sex is found on each plant), seeds ripen from October to December, grows in sun or semi-shade and requires moist soil Uses: emetic used as a purification rite by several North American Indian tribes; leaves were toasted over fire then boiled for several hours resulting in a thick black liquid which was drunk followed by immediate vomiting. Today, leaves can be roasted and or steeped in first ice cold and then boiling water to make a mildly stimulating and intoxicating tea. Part used: leaves Preparation: decoction, tea Maidenhair fern Scientific name: Adiantum pedatum Plant family: Polypodiaceae Place of origin: North America, Alaska to Quebec and Nova Scotia, south to California and Georgia Description: perennial fern with fronds about 1 foot long, leaves are not typically elongated but are rounded, toothed, and fan-shaped and covered with hairs at the base, produces brown, hairy rhizomes, slender roots, and erect stems that can grow to a height of ten inches, requires moist, well-drained soil, can grow in semi-shade. Uses: antirheumatic, astringent, demulcent, emmenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge, haemostatic, pectoral and tonic, used in treatment of asthma, of nasal congestion, sore throats, ague, fever, rheumatic joints. The North American Indians chewed the fronds and then applied them to wounds to stop bleeding. Description: Herbaceous perennial with daisy-like purple flowers and leaves covered in coarse hair Uses: Capsules for colds, flu and infections Parts used: Roots, flowers, stems and leaves Preparation: Tincture, decoction, capsules of powdered root Slippery Elm Scientific name: Ulmus rubra Plant family: Ulmaceae, Elm Family Place of origin: U.

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The unit requires a full service every six months treatment bee sting generic 8mg coversyl visa, to: O Replace the destructor filter medicine 44390 discount coversyl 4mg amex. O the flow rate and concentration will reduce slightly with use and will need readjusting by an engineer symptoms yeast infection men buy 8mg coversyl with mastercard. The HealOzone works at 2100 parts per million of ozone with a flow rate of 615 ccm symptoms viral infection 8mg coversyl free shipping. The destructor filter, manganese dioxide, breaks down the ozone into oxygen and returns it to the treatment area atmosphere. It will eventually pass high levels of ozone into the working area, which could be hazardous to health. At 5,000 cycles the unit will stop working, ensuring no threat of ozone dispersal into the environment. O the first service at 6 months is free-of-charge and KaVo will contact the user on the due date. O Attach the hose to the console and the handpiece to the hose as shown in the instruction manual. O Fit the Hydrophobic Waste Filter ­ remove the waste filter from the package and connect the twist lock onto the connector and push the tubing end onto the barbed fitting. Take care not to twist or kink the tubing, and make sure all the tubes are firmly pushed home onto the spigot ends. O Install a Desiccant Cartridge ­ remove and discard the plug from the desiccant cartridge. Using the HealOzone unit O Turn the unit on using the power switch located on the left side of the rear panel. Note: Delivery cups are designed for single use and may distort if used more than once. In very general Setting up the HealOzone unit for treatment Setting up the HealOzone has to be one of the easiest 84 H Equipment Available to Deliver Ozone in Dentistry terms, the 5mm cup tends to fit deciduous molars and permanent pre-molars. The 3 and 4 mm cups are useful for buccal areas and the 8 mm cup can be used to treat interdental caries between two anterior deciduous teeth, provided a seal can be obtained, or large permanent molars. Some users have found it easier to start the unit, and then place the cup on the lesion to be treated. In this way, the audible second bleep can be used as a guide to the attainment of a seal. Then the count down on the display will start and the unit will sound a bleep every second. O A longer beep will sound when the ozone dosage time is complete, the unit will then begin a 10 second ozone evacuation cycle. Guidance notes for the HealOzone user Detailed application notes are available from the resource, Julian Holmes shows a number of clinical cases, with commentary on how to create the delivery seal around various types of carious lesions. HealOzone creates an environmental condition within and around the tooth, which enables Nature to allow natural remineralisation to occur. Perform a thorough dietary analysis of all potential patients, prior to commencement of treatment. Encourage patients to attend a pre-HealOzone treatment entry session, with the practice Hygienist. Generally speaking, expose the lesion to ozone for at least 20, preferably 40 seconds. Even longer doses should be applied if it is considered that Ozone gas might have difficulty in reaching a subsurface non-cavitated carious lesion, or if the caries forms part of a particularly deep or extensive lesion. If it is believed caries extends beyond 5 mm, it is desirable to remove only sufficient diseased material to enable the Ozone effect. The more original tooth structure that remains will give rise to a less invasive procedure and a stronger tooth upon which to place a restoration. HealOzone has no adverse effect on healthy tissues found within the oral cavity, so it is impossible to overdose. With this treatment regime, the primary outcome variable must be ``Clinical Reversal' of caries, by whatever means one currently employs in the diagnosis of this disease. If using radiographs, Ozonated and remineralised tooth tissue displays the same density as the healthy surrounding tissue. If obtaining cup seal proves difficult, block-off one side of embrasures with a light-curable liquid dam (or similar).

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Complementary and alternative medicine for pediatric otitis media medicine ads generic coversyl 4 mg with visa, International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology symptoms stomach ulcer order coversyl 8 mg with amex, Volume 77 medicine ball chair buy generic coversyl 4mg on-line, Issue 6 medicine online buy 8 mg coversyl amex, June 2013, Pages 926-931 Levin, J. Homeopathy, phenomenology and the unprejudiced observer: response to Swayne and Whitmarsh: Homeopathy (2013) 102, pp. Complementary and alternative medicine: what the public want and how it may be delivered safely and effectively J R Soc Med. Use of ultramolecular potencies of allergen to treat asthmatic people allergic to house dust mite: double blind randomised controlled clinical trial. Undifferentiated illness: some suggestions for approaching the polysymptomatic patient. Effects of exposure to nanoparticle-rich diesel exhaust on adrenocortical function in adult male mice. Effects of inhaled nanoparticlerich diesel exhaust on regulation of testicular function in adult male rats. Enhancement of gastrointestinal absorption of quercetin by solid lipid nanoparticles. Toxicity of zinc oxide nanoparticles in the earthworm, Eisenia fetida and subcellular fractionation of Zn. Feasibility of biomarker studies for engineered nanoparticles: what can be learned from air pollution research. Enhancing fluorescence of quantum dots by silica-coated gold nanorods under one- and two-photon excitation. In vivo enhancement of anticancer therapy using bare or chemotherapeutic drug-bearing nanodiamond particles. Study of plasma metabolic profiling and biomarkers of chronic unpredictable mild stress rats based on gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. The application of nanomaterials in diagnosis and treatment for malignant primary brain tumors. A Convergent Synthetic Platform for Single-Nanoparticle Combination Cancer Therapy: Ratiometric Loading and Controlled Release of Cisplatin, Doxorubicin, and Camptothecin J. A polymeric nanoparticle formulation of curcumin inhibits growth, clonogenicity and stem-like fraction in malignant brain tumors. The practice and regulatory requirements of naturopathy and western herbal medicine in Australia Risk Manag Healthc Policy. The methodological quality of randomized controlled trials of homeopathy, herbal medicines and acupuncture. Critical evaluation of papers reviewing controlled clinical trials in homoeopathy British Homoeopathic journal, Volume 83, Issue 3, July 1994, Pages 167-173 Linde, K. Ways to enhance the quality and acceptance of clinical and laboratory studies in homoeopathy British Homoeopathic journal, Volume 83, Issue 1, January 1994, Pages 3-7 Linde K, Scholz M et al. Impact of Study Quality on Outcome in Placebo-Controlled Trials of Homeopathy Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Volume 52, Issue 7, July 1999, Pages 631-636 Linde K, Vickers A, et al. Assessing the potential exposure risk and control for airborne titanium dioxide and carbon black nanoparticles in the workplace. Treatment of Highland Frogs from the Two-legged stage with -11 -21 Homeopathically prepared Thyroxin (10 ­ 10). Study shows dissociation between objective and subjective responses to homoeopathy in allergic rhinitis. Effects of homeopathic medications Eupatorium perfoliatum and Arsenicum album on parasitemia of Plas-modium berghei-infected mice. Liu G, Zhang D, Jiao Y, Zheng D, Liu Y, Duan C, Jia L, Zhang Q, Lou H: Comparison of different methods for preparation of a stable riccardin D formulation via nanotechnology. Single and repeated dose toxicity of mesoporous hollow silica nanoparticles in intravenously exposed mice. Potential health impact on mice after nasal instillation of nano-sized copper particles and their translocation in mice. Silica nanoparticles as promising drug/gene delivery carriers and fluorescent nano-probes: recent advances.

Attributes of students graduating from schools and colleges of optometry: An Association of Schools and Colleges report medications not to be taken with grapefruit cheap coversyl 4 mg overnight delivery. Attributes of Students Graduating from Schools and Colleges of Optometry: A 2011 Report from the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry medications a to z discount coversyl 4 mg overnight delivery. Studies show rebuilding macular pigment with all three critical carotenoids treatment for pink eye 4 mg coversyl with amex, meso-zeaxanthin medicine 319 pill 8mg coversyl overnight delivery, lutein and zeaxanthin, result in reduced glare, improved contrast and provide the strongest anti-oxidant effect protecting your vision from oxidative stress over a lifetime. Wray had been chronicling the progression of women-or lack thereof-for Review of Optometry since at least 1940. That year, "the classified directory of the City of Los Angeles listed twenty-two women optometrists," she wrote. Over 90 countries now report the existence of some form of the job, with varying requirements for recognition. As merchandisers of spectacleware, calling attention to their establishments through undignified, unethical advertising of one type or another-and all too much of it smelling of quackery with bait-alluring copy-it is this majority that America knows as optometrists. Lang wrote in an open letter in 1944 to the unethical members of the optometric profession. But we did get other recognition; I was asked to take charge of a newly created eye clinic in a huge ammunition factory (34,000 workers) during the early months of the war. Even though my training as an optometrist did not qualify me for the practice of medicine, nevertheless, the results were entirely satisfactory and I was generously complimented for the services rendered. On the one hand, we find high medical officers who are not entitled to commissions; on the other hand, we know that many ophthalmologists are far from attaching such secondary importance to refraction, some even holding it to be part of medical practice," wrote Maurice E. Join us in Anaheim for four days of superb speakers, clinically-relevant sessions, an exceptional exhibit hall, fascinating papers and posters and unforgettable social events. Today, according to a summary put together by the American Optometric Association in 2011, there actually appears to be an adequate supply of optometrists, with the estimated amount of practitioners recorded at 39,580 individuals at the time of the study: 60% of males with a mean age of 51, and 40% of females with a mean age of 40. This number is expected to remain adequate to meet the projected demand through 2025 as young women continue to enter the workforce from optometry school. Recognizing the changing composition of the optometric audience, the publication Women in Optometry was launched in 2006 to celebrate the achievements of female optometrists and to assist with networking opportunities. Allergy Desensitization Eye Drops Stop Itching, Burning and Watering Great with contacts Preservative free O Professional Quality Only Available Via Doctors Call today 877-220-9710 Keeler Optics. The Z Series Slit Lamp is the latest line from Keeler featuring legendary Keeler optics housed in a stylish, contemporary design. Your choice of 3 or 5 step magnification option in a standard, digital ready, or comprehensive digital capture system. Over a 10-month period, six individuals went "undercover" to optometric practices across the United States, and their experiences were recorded. After visiting numerous offices, each of these undercover patients essentially received a different diagnosis from each practitioner. Worse, the patients would then be charged for a new set of glasses, since they were told the prescription sold to them by the previous optometrist was incorrect. The tone of the first article implied that optometrists were unskilled hucksters, trying to make a buck from unwitting patients. In other words, optometrists were untrained at best and unscrupulous at worst, selling their patients glasses whether they needed them or not. The first article in the series, published in August 1937, shared this grim assessment: "There are many conscientious and skilled optometrists; men who will frankly admit their limitations when they see that the eye conditions of their visitors are behind their abilities and training," the author of the series, Roger William Riis, wrote. To consult one of these, when you have serious eye trouble, may be worse than useless. Another decoy patient, an attorney who suffered from glaucoma and strabismus, saw three top "oculists". After visiting 41 different optometrists, "he got not one single correct diagnosis of his eye trouble! Just a week after the issue hit ing puberty, optometry was embarrassed to have its matthe newsstands, the Optical Journal-Review informed uration exposed to public scrutiny. While the publicity its readers about the article and helped to put it in permay have come at an inopportune time, Cox exhorted spective.

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