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By: Leonard S. Lilly, MD

  • Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Chief, Brigham and Women's/Faulkner Cardiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts


Quchi hemiplegia gastritis symptoms last buy pyridium 200 mg without a prescription, joint pain of the upper extermities gastritis diet buy discount pyridium 200 mg on-line, hypertension gastritis xarelto pyridium 200mg cheap, high fever gastritis natural supplements discount 200mg pyridium mastercard, measles, pain of the back wandering pain, borborygmus. Quchi hemoptysis,tuberculosis of the cervicle lymph nodes, pneumonia, pleurisy, pain in the elbow and arm 5. There are 20 points pertaining to this channel as follows: 10 11 Points Location Indications Binao On the lateral aspect of Ihe upper aim. Tianyu;md Pi Quchi pain in the shoulder, arm and the joints of upper extremity, hemiplegia, paralysis, hypertension, hidrosis, etc. Renzhong just epistaxis, paralysis nasal obstruction, facial below the lateral border of the naris Between the nasolabial groove and the midpoint of the lateral border of the alae nasi Yingxiang diseases of the nasal cavity, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, ascariasis of the bile duct Fig. Related viscera: It pertains to the stomach, communicates with the spleen and con nects directly with the heart, small and large intestines. Symptoms and signs: the Stomach (Fu lift ) Channel of Foot-Yangming starts from the both sides of the nose (Pt. Renzhong, of Du (2) On the viscera: Abdominal distension, fullness of abdomen, edema, the postero-inferior side of the lower jaw, it emerges superficially at Pt. Jiache8 which is antero-inferior to the angle of the lower jaw and spreads upwards to the anterior of the ear. It goes along disturbance of sleep or manic psychosis, rapid digestion and easy to hunger and yellow urine. Head, face, nose, tooth, throat, gastro-intestinal diseases, febrile and mental diseases. There are 45 points pertaining to this channel as follows: One of its branches passes in front of Pt. Chengqi When the patient is looking straight forward, it is just below the pupillaabove the margin of infra-orbitalis. Another straight branch of the channel runs downward from the in- When the patient closes the eyes and lies on his back, it is inferior to the eyes ball, locating the point along the margin of the orbit Sibai Another branch starts from the pylorus of the stomach and decends inside the abdominal cavity and joins the straight branch at Pt. Futu at the anterior promience of the thigh,20 it goes downwards and gets into the patella via lateral Pt. When the eyes look straight forwards, 1 cun below the pupilla at the fora men infra-orbitale facial paralysis, spasm of facial mus cles, trigeminal neuralgia, conjunc tivitis, myopia, frequently used in acupuncture anaesthesia in ophthalmological operations Juliao When the eyes look straight forwards, it is inferior to the pupilla at the level of the lower border of the alae nasi Dicang facial paralysis, facial spasm, minal neuralgia, stuffiness epistaxis trige nose, 0. Chongyang)27 running downwards along the medial margin of the hallus and emerges out at its tip (Pt. Jiache, a groove appears when the mouth is closed and the checks are blown One finger width anterior and su perior to the angle of lower jaw, at parotiditis, lock jaw, facial paralysis, toothache, etc. Jiache trigeminal neuralgia, toothache, paro tiditis, facial paralysis, lock jaw, the prominence of during mastication Xiaguan the m. Huaroumen stomach-ache, hernia, Hongkong foot, enuresis, neurosis and psychosis stomach-ache, etc. Shuitu sore throat, cough, short of breath Wailing 1 to cun below umbilicus, 2 cun lateral Ren Mai below Mai abdominal pain, hernia dysmenorrhea, etc. Qishe On the upper border of the medial end of the clavicle, between the sternal head and the clavicular head of the m. Guanyuan fullness in lower abdomen, dysuria, dysmenorrhea hernia, Quepen neuralgia, etc. Xuanji Inferior to the lower border of the bronchitis, asthma, hiccup, intercostal neuralgia Qichong i rregular menses, dysmenorrhea, chronic inflammatory disease of pel vis, adnexitis, endometritis, prolapse of uterus, impotence, hernia, etc. Latero-superior Kufang midclavicular line, take while lying on back In the first intercostal space of the the point hiccup, chest pain fullness in chest and costal region Blguan to the tuberculum pubicum, 2 cun lateral to the midline, upper portion of inguinal region, medial to the artery At the junction of a tine between spina iliac anterior-superior and genital diseases of both female and male, hernia, etc. Wuyi On the nipple line at the level of the 2nd intercostal space cough, dyspnea fullness and pain of chest and costal region, mastitis numbness of lower extremity, para lysis, inguinal lymphadenitis, arthri lateral upper border of the patella and horizontal line of the perineum Femur-Futu this of the knee joint, lumbago, etc. Rugen in the 5th intercostal space, take the point while lying on back Directly below the papilla mammae mastitis, short of milk der of the patella, between m. Zhongwan stomach-ache, vomiting, abdominal 2 cun above the patella supra-lateral distension, loss of appetite stomach-ache, vomiting, borborygmus, hernia pain, indigestion Dubi Chengman In the depression at the lower border ol the patella and lateral to the lig. Tiaokou tremity, intercostal neuralgia, orchitis with pain referred to lower abdo men Fenglong 1 cun lateral to Pt. Tiaokou cough, excessive sputum, hemiplegia, sore throat, constipation, dizziness, mania depressive psychosis, etc.

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This formula combines wild Mediterranean oregano oil extract (tu yin chen)-standardized to gastritis medical definition buy cheap pyridium 200 mg on-line a minimum of 70% carvacrol-with coptis (huang lian) gastritis diet beans buy discount pyridium 200mg line, quisqualis (shi jun zi) gastritis diet generic pyridium 200 mg with visa, and mume (wu mei) gastritis clear liquid diet discount 200 mg pyridium fast delivery. The essential oil is a blend of phenolic compounds with broad-spectrum, anti-microbial actions and immune-building properties. It is combined with Chinese herbs to increase effectiveness for bacterial infection, candida, worms, and other parasites. This is an excellent formula to take while traveling in places where intestinal parasites are common. Ingredients Quisqualis Fructus (Quisqualis Fruit / Shi Jun Zi) 48% Oil of Origanum Vulgare (Oregano Oil / Tu Yin Chen) 25% Mume Fructus (Mume Fruit, Japanese Apricot / Wu Mei) 19% Coptidis Rhizoma (Coptis / Huang Lian) 8% Chinese Medical Actions Clears acute damp-heat, resolves fire-toxin, expels parasites. It is an excellent formula for nervous exhaustion, anxiety, and for emotional disorders due to stress. Peaceful Spirit Formula emphasizes support of the qi-almost half the formula is comprised of qi tonics-but it also nourishes the heart and calms the spirit. Indications Anxiety Dizziness Insomnia Irritability Melancholy, excessive Memory, poor Mental fatigue Nervous exhaustion Palpitations Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Restlessness Tongue: Pale, may be shaky, with thin, white coating. The traditional symptomology addressed by this formula describes abdominal pain that is relieved after the individual passes stool. Ingredients Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma (White Atractylodes Rhizome, dry-fried / Chao Bai Zhu) 36% Paeoniae Radix, alba (Chinese Peony, white, dry-fried / Chao Bai Shao) 23% Saposhnikoviae Radix (Siler / Fang Feng) 23% Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium (Tangerine Peel, dry-fried / Chao Chen Pi) 18% Chinese Medical Actions Supplements spleen, relaxes the liver, expels dampness, arrests diarrhea, and reduces pain. If patient has toxic dampness or damp-heat type diarrhea from acute infection, use Wu Hua Formula instead. Good for patients who are weak or debilitated, especially if they are blood deficient. Indications Bowel movement, incomplete or painful Constipation Stool, hard or difficult to pass Tongue: Dry, with yellow coating. It addresses the qi stagnation, blood stasis, heat-toxin, spleen and kidney deficiency, and yin and blood deficiency that often accompany chronic phlegm patterns. Originally developed as a gynecological formula for ovarian cysts, this formula may also be used for any long-term phlegm-accumulation disorder. Indications Abdominal masses, from phlegm Breast lumps Bronchitis, chronic Endometriosis w/phlegm patterns Ganglionic cysts Goiter Infertility Lymph nodes, enlarged Menopausal symptoms Ovarian cysts Thyroid tumors, benign Uterine bleeding, dysfunctional Uterine fibroids Tongue: Swollen, with thick, greasy coating. This version has been augmented with cyperus (xiang fu) and green tangerine peel (qing pi) to aid in the movement of stagnant qi. This condition is classically known as "plum pit qi" (mei he qi), which usually results from emotional upset or stress. The patient will most commonly experience a sensation of something caught in the throat that can neither be coughed up nor swallowed, or a stifling feeling in the chest and hypochondriac region. Pinellia & Magnolia Bark Formula is also highly effective for treating bronchitis and chronic sub-acute phlegm issues in the upper and middle burners when there is little or no heat. Contraindications: Do not use with patients with a flushed face, bitter taste in mouth, or red tongue with scanty coating. This formula contains drying and dispersing herbs, which can injure the yin and fluids if not used correctly. It is one of the most commonly used formulas for treating urinary tract infections. The traditional formula was modified by adding lophatherum (dan zhu ye), dianthus (qu mai), anemarrhena (zhi mu), andrographis (chuan xin lian), and phellodendron (huang bai). These herbs augment the heat-clearing and dampness-removing properties of the formula. The talcum in the original formula has been replaced with pyrrosia leaf (shi wei). Ingredients Lophatheri Herba (Lophatherum / Dan Zhu Ye) 16% Dianthi Herba (Chinese Pink, Dianthus / Qu Mai) 16% Poria (Poria, Hoelen, Tuckahoe / Fu Ling) 12% Polyporus (Polyporus Umbellatus / Zhu Ling) 10% Alismatis Rhizoma (Asian Water Plantain / Ze Xie) 10% Anemarrhenae Rhizoma (Anemarrhena Rhizome / Zhi Mu) 10% Andrographitis Herba (Andrographis / Chuan Xin Lian) 10% Phellodendri Cortex (Phellodendron Bark / Huang Bai) 10% Pyrrosiae Folium (Pyrrosia Leaf / Shi Wei) 6% Chinese Medical Actions Disinhibits urine and leaches out dampness, drains heat from urinary tract, protects the yin of the lower burner. Indications Abdominal pain (lower), acute Ascites Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy Blood in urine (hematuria) Cardiogenic edema Cervical erosion Chlamydia Cystitis, acute or chronic Dermatitis, atopic Diabetes insipidus Diarrhea Eczema Edema, yang-type Glomerulonephritis Irritability Herpes, genital Nephritis, acute Prostatitis, acute Pyelonephritis Ulcerative colitis Urinary tract infections Urination, painful or difficult Urethral calculus Urine, dark or hot Uterine bleeding Vaginitis Tongue: Dry, red, may have dark, yellow coating. It was originally intended for treatment of post-wind-cold exterior patterns leading to stomach-gallbladder disharmony. Phlegm-heat and stagnation hinder the rising of clear yang, resulting in dizziness or vertigo.

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For this formula gastritis vs pregnancy symptoms generic pyridium 200mg amex, five mushrooms were chosen that contain high levels of beta-glucans gastritis diet advice order 200 mg pyridium with amex, and because of two specific properties that are common to gastritis diet pyridium 200mg for sale each of them lymphocytic gastritis symptoms treatment purchase 200mg pyridium mastercard. In addition to the above mentioned properties, these mushrooms have other beneficial functions: Agaricus subrufescens (ji song rong): eases and promotes digestion, fortifies bones, regulates blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Trametes versicolor (yun zhi): treats infection and/or inflammation of the upper respiratory, urinary, and digestive tracts, clears dampness, reduces phlegm. Ganoderma lucidum (ling zhi / reishi): calms the spirit, nourishes qi and blood, stops cough, alleviates wheezing, dispels phlegm, helps to regulate blood glucose levels; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive. Grifola frondosa (hui shu hua / maitake): anti-viral and antibacterial, supports the immune system specifically by preventing helper T-cells from being destroyed, promotes weight loss, regulates blood glucose levels, reduces hyperlipidemia, aids in the treatment of hypertension. Cordyceps sinensis (dong chong xia cao): supports the kidneys and jing, supplements yang, augments lung yin, transforms phlegm, stops bleeding, regulates blood glucose levels. Ingredients Agaricus subrufescens (45% polysaccharide concentrate from fruiting body Himematsutake Mushroom / Ji Song Rong) 22% Trametes versicolor (30% polysaccharide concentrate from fruiting body Coriolus, Turkey Tail / Yun Zhi) 22% Ganoderma (Reishi / Ling Zhi) 22% Grifola frondosa (Maitake / Hui Shu Hua) 22% Cordyceps (Cordyceps / Dong Chong Xia Cao) 12% Chinese Medical Actions Supplements spleen and kidney qi, promotes wei qi, strengthens the lungs, nourishes liver yin and blood, calms the spirit. The original formula contains two herbs: phellodendron bark (huang bai), which drains damp-heat in the lower burner and atractylodes (cang zhu), which dries dampness and revitalizes the spleen. Two additional herbs are included: cyathula (chuan niu xi), which leads the formula downward to the legs, and moves and cools blood, and coix (yi yi ren), which supports the damp-dispelling function of the formula. This formula is used to treat a variety of damp-heat issues affecting the lower body, such as weeping leg ulcers, atrophy, gout, and urogenital damp-heat. Indications Ankylosing Spondylitis Arthritis, rheumatoid Atrophy, numbness and weakness of lower limbs Cervicitis from damp-heat Eczema Edema, lower body Erysipelas (Cellulitis) Feet, painful and swollen Fungal infection Genital sores Gout Leg qi Numbness, lower body Skin rash, from damp-heat Testicular eczema or swelling Urinary tract infection Vaginal discharge, yellow Vaginitis from damp-heat Tongue: May be swollen, red, with greasy yellow coating. Contraindications: Not to be used alone in cases of lung heat or with liver and kidney deficiency. Note: With qi deficiency, combine with Six Gentlemen Formula; with blood deficiency, combine with Tang Kuei & Salvia Formula. In cases of liver and kidney deficiency, use Astragalus & Ligustrum Formula, Rehmannia Six Formula, or Nourish Essence Formula instead. The blood-moving component to this formula has been augmented with motherwort (yi mu cao), red peony (chi shao), and curcuma (yu jin). Curcuma also clears the heart and is useful for such emotional symptoms as anxiety and agitation. These herbs have made the formula especially useful for premenstrual syndrome with blood stasis, and painful menstruation with concomitant emotional symptoms, in addition to its other uses. Indications Abdominal distension Acid reflux Anger outbursts or irritability Anxiety Appetite, poor Breast distension and pain Breast lumps, fibrocystic Cirrhosis of the liver Constipation Depression Dizziness Emotional instability Eyes, red Headache Hepatitis, chronic Herpes, genital Infertility Menopausal symptoms Menstruation, irregular Menstrual pain Nausea Nervous exhaustion Premenstrual syndrome Restlessness Skin rash Vomiting Tongue: Red sides, body may be red or pale. The arisaema and trichosanthes were omitted, and fritillaria (zhe bei mu), momordica (luo han guo), houttuynia (yu xing cao), and bamboo secretions (tian zhu huang) were added-making this formula ideal for treating hot phlegm (with yellow, green, or thick, sticky sputum) conditions such as bronchitis or pneumonia. This formula is also safe and effective for the hot phlegm conditions of children. Ingredients Pinelliae Rhizoma Preparatum (Pinellia, ginger-cured / Zhi Ban Xia) 11. It is considered an especially potent remedy for expelling external pathogenic wind, and preventing it from penetrating more deeply into the body. Gan Mao Ling Formula can also be taken preventively for exposure to common cold and flu. Ingredients Ilicis Pubescentis Radix (Pubescent Holly Root, Ilex / Mao Dong Qing) 25% Isatidis seu Baphicacanthis Radix (Isatis Root / Ban Lan Gen) 20% Evodiae Radix (Evodia Root / San Ya Ku) 20% Chrysanthemi Flos (Chrysanthemum / Ju Hua) 13% Viticis Fructus (Simple-Leaf Chaste Tree, Vitex Fruit / Man Jing Zi) 12% Lonicerae Flos (Japanese Honeysuckle Flower / Jin Yin Hua) 10% Chinese Medical Actions Clears heat, dispels wind-heat, resolves toxin, soothes throat to stop cough, opens nasal passages. Indications Common cold Ear infection Eyes, red Fever Headache Influenza Lymph nodes, enlarged Measles, early stage Neck and shoulders, stiff from acute wind invasion Sinus congestion or discharge Sinus infection Throat sore Tonsillitis Contraindications: Do not use in cases where patient is experiencing strong chills. Water plantain (ze xie) was added to further aid the heat-clearing and downward action of the formula. This formula is indicated when liver yin is deficient and unable to restrain the yang of the liver, causing symptoms such as twitching, spasms, dizziness, headaches, etcetera. Ingredients Polygoni Multiflori Caulis (Fo-Ti Stem, Fleeceflower Stem / Ye Jiao Teng) 16. Indications Convulsions Dizziness or vertigo Dream-disturbed sleep Emotional instability Eyes, red or dry Headache Heat sensation in head Hypertension Insomnia Light-headedness Migraines, menopausal, from wind Muscle spasms in limbs Numbness Paralysis Ringing in the ear Twitching Vision, blurred Tongue: Red.

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Indications Back (lower) gastritis diet 200 mg pyridium with visa, weak and sore Constipation (from deficiency) Dizziness Dry mouth Exhaustion Fatigue Hair gastritis hiatal hernia diet order 200mg pyridium amex, premature graying Hearing loss Hypothyroidism Infertility Kidney function gastritis diet honey quality pyridium 200mg, weak Knees gastritis symptoms child order 200mg pyridium otc, weak Light-headedness Miscarriage, habitual Night sweats Nocturnal emissions Post-nasal drip, chronic Premature ejaculation Ringing in ear Sexual energy, low Urination, frequent or nocturnal Tongue: Pale or normal. During the first phase of the cycle, it is important to support follicle growth and to prepare for ovulation. This support is accomplished by strongly nourishing the yin and blood, and by gently removing heat in the heart and liver that might lead to stasis or emotional imbalance. It is an appropriate formula whenever there is a pattern of blood and yin deficiency with mild build up of heat. Ingredients Dioscoreae Rhizoma (Chinese Yam / Shan Yao) 12% Angelicae Sinensis Radix (Dong Quai Root, Tang Kuei / Dang Gui) 12% Paeoniae Radix, alba (Chinese Peony, white / Bai Shao) 12% Rehmanniae Radix Preparata (Rehmannia, cured / Shu Di Huang) 10% Corni Fructus (Asiatic Dogwood Fruit, Asiatic Cornel / Shan Zhu Yu) 9% Lycii Fructus (Lycium Fruit, Chinese Wolfberry / Gou Qi Zi) 9% Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix (Chinese Salvia Root / Dan Shen) 8% Gardeniae Fructus (Gardenia Fruit / Zhi Zi) 8% Moutan Cortex (Tree Peony / Mu Dan Pi) 5% Poria (Poria, Hoelen, Tuckahoe / Fu Ling) 5% Alismatis Rhizoma (Asian Water Plantain / Ze Xie) 5% Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium (Tangerine Peel / Chen Pi) 5% Chinese Medical Actions Nourishes blood and yin, clears heat and stagnation in the heart and liver, mildly invigorates the blood. Note: In cases of spleen deficiency, use in conjunction with an appropriate formula. Use with Salvia Ten Formula for concurrent spleen qi deficiency with liver-heart stagnation. Furthermore, phlegm-heat can disturb the chest and heart, manifesting as irritability, insomnia, palpitations, and anxiety. Because stomach-gallbladder disharmony can produce such varying symptoms, this formula can treat many different disorders. The patient will present with phlegm in the middle burner, resulting in symptoms such as heart or shen disturbance or counterflow of stomach qi. Polygala (yuan zhi) has been added to further assist in dispelling phlegm and calming the spirit. Ingredients Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium (Tangerine Peel / Chen Pi) 21% Bambusae Caulis in Taeniam (Bamboo Shavings / Zhu Ru)17% Pinelliae Rhizoma Preparatum (Pinellia, ginger-cured / Zhi Ban Xia) 14% Aurantii Fructus Immaturus (Bitter Orange, immature fruit / Zhi Shi) 14% Poria (Poria, Hoelen, Tuckahoe / Fu Ling) 11% Glycyrrhizae Radix (Chinese Licorice Root / Gan Cao) 6% Zingiberis Rhizoma Recens (Ginger, fresh / Sheng Jiang) 6% Polygalae Radix (Polygala / Yuan Zhi) 5% Jujubae Fructus (Jujube Date, red / Hong Zao, Da Zao) 4% Coptidis Rhizoma (Coptis / Huang Lian) 2% Chinese Medical Actions Regulates qi, transforms phlegm, clears the gallbladder, harmonizes the stomach, calms the spirit. It improves digestion, increases elimination, aids in lipid metabolism, and reduces serum cholesterol, phlegm, and water excess. Suitable for all types of overweight persons, this formula is balanced and safe for long-term use. It is appropriate, not just for obesity, but whenever there is damp accumulation in the lower and middle burner. Ingredients Alismatis Rhizoma (Asian Water Plantain / Ze Xie) 11% Cassiae Semen (Sickle-pod Senna / Jue Ming Zi) 9. The causes of this condition can be varied: pathogenic influences from a taiyang stage disorder which have penetrated into the urinary bladder, spleen deficiency which results in accumulation of water in the muscles and skin, or retention of congested fluids in the lower burner. Contraindications: Use with caution in patients with spleen and kidney qi deficiency. Overuse may cause dizziness, vertigo, lack of appetite, and a bland taste in the mouth. From the perspective of Oriental medicine, the prostate gland is primarily nourished by the spleen, kidney, and liver channels. With modern lifestyles and advancing years, certain patterns occur which affect the prostate gland. Decline of spleen yang can bring about an accumulation of dampness in the lower burner. Further decline of kidney yang, a normal occurrence with aging and stress, diminishes urinary function and sexual energy. This formula treats dampness and stasis in the lower burner brought about by deficiency of spleen and kidney yang. This condition is characterized by sexual dysfunction, or frequent or inhibited urination. Prostate Formula supplements the yang and drains accumulated dampness to protect against the effects of aging on the prostate. Indications Backache Erectile dysfunction Libido, loss of Prostate, throbbing in Urination, frequent, or difficulty starting and stopping Contraindications: If heat is present, clear heat before using this formula. Note: the American Institute for Cancer Research considers diets high in fat, salt, animal products, alcohol, and tobacco to be detrimental to prostate health. It can dredge heat-toxin from the lymph in the head and neck that causes swelling and pain. Ingredients Forsythiae Fructus (Forythia / Lian Qiao) 10% Isatidis seu Baphicacanthis Radix (Isatis Root / Ban Lan Gen) 9. Indications Carbuncles, upper body Cellulitis, submaxillary Fever Furuncles, upper body Headache Lymphadenitis Mononucleosis, acute Myocarditis, acute viral Mumps Parotiditis Strep throat (streptococcus) Thirst, with fever Throat, sore Tonsillitis Tongue: Red or red tip.

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